It is important to know your rights when it comes to repairing a vehicle. Here are some things you should consider:


Imitation Parts = Unknown Collision Performance

Your vehicle was designed to meet all Federal Safety Standards. This design incorporates collision performance requirements which are important to your safety. Imitation parts may not be tested or certified by their makers, sellers or the insurance companies who want you to use them. Imitation parts cannot guarantee your vehicle will meet the specifications of the original manufacturer or the testing standards of the U.S. Government.



You paid for quality when you bought your vehicle. Tell your insurance adjuster you want to keep it that way.

Your insurance company may tell you that the imitation parts they want to use to repair your vehicle are of “like kind and quality.” Ask for a copy of the standards used to make these parts. Industry tests have revealed serious fit, finish, function and corrosion protection problems with imitation parts.

Be certain your car is as good after it has been repaired as it was before your accident. Using imitation parts may also void your new vehicle warranty for that part. Many states have passed laws which regulate the use of imitation collision parts. Some states give you the right of consent. Ask your body shop or car dealer about the laws in your state.


Your car is more than just transportation, it is the second largest investment most people ever make. Be sure you get the original fit, finish, function and corrosion protection only original factory sheet metal can guarantee.

Your Freedom of Choice

DON’T LET YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY MAKE IT WORSE BY TAKING AWAY YOUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Here are some tips for dealing with your insurance adjustor:

  • Ask for a complete explanation of your repair estimate.
  • Ask the adjustor if imitation parts have been specified.
  • Many computerized estimates automatically select cheaper imitations.
  • Remember that selecting a repair shop is your choice, your adjustor’s recommendation may be the cheapest, but not the best.
  • If your adjustor refuses to pay for original equipment parts, contact your agent.
  • If your insurance company refuses to repair your vehicle with original factory parts, we recommend that you contact the office of your State Insurance Commissioner or your local consumer protection agency. The address and phone number of your State Insurance Commissioner can be obtained by calling 614.871.7777